Characteristic of the Hospital


The hospital is desigent to admit, sort and temporarily hospitalize wounded persens with mild to severe injury. It provides professienal surgical aid. Its equipment makes it possible to carry cut major operations on limbs and chest and miner operations on head.

The maximum hospital capacity is 300 beds, end the hospital is placed in tents or appropriate buildings in varicus combinations.

The performance of the main workplase of the hospital - the surgery - dressing unit - is 40 to 59 surgeries, of wich 11 major and 24 medium or 39  miner ones.



Possible Structure of the Hospital

A/ Health equipment


- special cleaning treatment department

- admission department

- resuscitation

- anaerobic department

- surgery - dressing unit ( main workplace of the hospital )

- X - ray department

- pharmacy department with dispensary and preparation of infusion solutions

- laboratory with out - patient department

 - hospital department

- administration section

- accommodation for staff



b/ Technical equipment 

- accommodation for hospital  ( tants,


Optimum Staff for the Hospital


11 medical doctors specializet in surgery

 2 pharmaceutical chemists

50 paramedical staff

50 other staff in charge of running the hospital

To unfold the hospital of this type in winter or summer takes 10 - 12 hours or 5 - 6 hours,respectively.

The material of the hospital comprises cca 29 tons.



The composition of the material and its packing permit to transported by all means of transport

/ truck, railway car, ship, plane./


           Hospitals of this type can also operate in the sc-called declared zones,according to the Geneva Convention,provided they are visibly marked with the symbol of red cross as

requested by the Convention.

The resposibility of the resuscitation department is treatment of shock of injured patients and resuscitation and post - operative care until the patients may be re - located to the hospital ward. There is some basic equipment in this department : The set N - 7 "Medical Items", hand - operated resurgent apparatus RK - 32 - V, resurgent apparatus SPIRETA - V and equipment for oxygen treatment for ten persons. The department is also equipped with sinks, pails, tables for medical instruments, rests and stands for stredchers and other instruments necessary for the function of the department.



The responsibility of the anaerobic department is to admit patients, provide aid and hospitalise those patients who are suspected of having an anaerobic infection. This department fulfils the function of a qarantine for the surgical hospital. The precondition for the functioning of this working place is a strict separation of the anaerobic material from the matrerial of other departments. The basic equipment of this working place consists of sets of aseptic bandage material B - 1 , bandage material B - 3, a set of splints B - 2, and a table for re - bandaging patients. The equipment is further supplemented with stands for strechers, universal racks end other neccesary material.


The principal working place of the surgical fieled hospital is the operation rebandaging block. Operation - rebandaging block consists of surgery room re - bandaging room and sterilization room. The responsibility of the operation - rebandaging block is to perform all kinds of surgery upon odmitted patients.

                The surgery room is designed to provide highly skillet treatment for veri seriously injured patients. It is equipped with two operating tables that make it possible tu position particular parts of the operating tables into different positionts according to requirements of the surgeri.

The operating lamp provides enough light for the medical personnel even during the most demanding surgery. The basic equipment of the surgery room consists, besides others, of sets of surgical instruments end items N - 7 and N - 8, anaesthesia apparatus NHM, aseptic material in barrels, pedal - operated suction O - 69, and apparatus ENDOKAUSTIK, CHIROTOM and others. The surgery room is suppliend with tables for surgical instruments, hangers, sinks, buckets, stands for stretchers, stretchers and other material.


The re-rebandaging room of the operation - rebandaging block is the working place where less demanding treatment takes place, especially in the limbs injuries and minor  burns.  The  re-bandaging room usually has four re-bandaging  tables  and  operatig  lamps.  The set ZAREPO, a part of the  re-bandaging room, is  an exquisite  equipment for  respositioning bone fragments. There is also a set of surgical instruments N-15, hand-operated resurgent apparatus RK-32-V, suction apparatus O - 69, and a number of other pieces of hygienic and other equipment.

The sterilisation room of the operation - rebandaging block is the working place where the surgical instruments  are  washed and   sterilised, and  where    the  aseptic material  for the  surgery room   and

re-rebandaging room is sterilised. The material intended to be sterilised is put into barrels. All the work is done in large sterilisation apparatus AUT - 41.

The x-ray room is designed to specify surgical diagnoses, to locate foreign bodies and to perform other x-ray diagnostical examinations of patients. The  x-ray room is divided into two parts. The examination room is equipped with a folting x - ray apparatus  ARTEX II, which makes it possible to perform both sciascopic and sciagraphic examinations in vertical as well as horizontal positions. The cartridges with exposed films are developed in the dark room, the other part of the x - RAY ROOM. The dark room is divided into a " DRY " and " WET" working place. These include films, foils cartridges, tanks with developer, fixer, drier, and other instruments and material.


The pharmacy department consists of a pharmacy and the manufactory of infusion solutions, and of  the  stock  of   medical   material.   The  pharmacy  ensures  and  carries  out  the   supply  with

mass-produced pharmaceuticals, distilled water, medical oxygen, nursing and other medical material. It prepares medicines according to individual prescriptions of physicians. The basic equipment of the pharmacy is a set N-5, a set for the operation of the pharmacy and a distiller for preparation of distilled water. The manufactory of infusion solutions has two parts: a wash room and the manufactory of solutions itself. The wash room is designed to wash transfusion bottles and containers used in the pharmacy. The basic equipment of the manufactory of infusion solutions is a set N - 6. The manufactory must ensure maximal sterility of produced solutions. It is therefore appropriately equipped with sterilisation appliance LA - 60.



The dialy capacity of the manufactory of infusion solutions is approximately 150 litres. The stock of medical material stock all necessary medical material to supply all the expert departmens of the hospital. A part of the pharmacy department is equipment for preparing - transferring oxygen from pressure tanks containing 40 litres into tanks for 10 or 2 litres.


The responsibility of the ambulance is to maintain the readiness of a working place for minor surgery and re-bandaging and a working place for ambulatory treatment. The basic equipment of the ambulance is a re-bandaging table, a set for ambulatory examination V-8, a set of surgical instruments V - 1 and other necessary material. The  laboratory is divided into a biochemical working place and a hematology working place. Its responsibility is to perform various  examinations of  samples prepared by other departmens. It is equipped  with a set L -1, sterilisation apparatus LA - 60 and other material necessary for the operation of a clinical laboratory.


In the surgical field hospital there are usually three hospital departments, each with a capacity of 100 beds. The responsibility of the hospital department is to hospitalise and treat injured and sick patients. The basic equipment of these departments are cots. Their number corresponds to the capacities of particular hospital departments. As a part of  the equipment there are also tables, chairs and hygienic requisites and equipment.


An integral part of a surgical field hospital is also the maintenance support. It serves  to supply all the departments with electricity, cares for small repairs and maintenance of equipment of the field hospital and  last, but not least, it secures food and prepares day - long food for patients and for the personnel of the hospital. Naturally, it is properly equiped to serve this need. There are theree electricity stations for the production of electric energy. These stations capacity is 1 kVA, 3 kVA and 7,5 kVA, possibly 15 kVA.  The power distribution is provided by illuminating systems. For the preparation of food there is a field kitchen. A complete system of eating utensils and a reservoir for 800 litres of water are parts of maintenance support.


The hospital is located in tents or in suitable buildings in various combinations. Moreover, theare are 3 large madical tents and 17 small medical tents in the delivered set. The composition of the material and the way it is packaged makes it possible to implement the transportation of the surgical field



The surgical field hospital is designed for admittance, classifiacion and temporary hospitalisation of moderately injured patiens. It provides expert surgical medical aid. The equipment of the hospital makes it possible to perform major surgery of limbs, thorax, and minor surgery of head. The capacity is 300 beds. The system of the field hospital consists of the department, of special purification of the admitting department, of resuscitation department, end anareobic department. The principal working place is the operation - rebandaging block. There are also a pharmacy department with a pharmacy and the manufactory of infusion solutions, an x - ray department, a laboratory with an ambulance and three hospital departments, each with a capacity of 100 beds. There is a maintenance section to ensure the operation of the hospital.Hospitals of this kind can work in so called " declared conditions " under the Geneva convention, provided they are visibly marked with an emblem of The Red Cross.


The responsibility of the admitting department is to admit and record injured people, to determine their diagnoses and above all to provide immediate first aid. The basic equipment of this working place consists of  stredchers that are, according to available conditions, placed on the consoles for stredchers or are laid on stands. The set N - 7 " Medical items " serves for necessary treatment of patients, as well as sets B - 1 and B - 2. A part of these sets is also a bandage material and splints for immobilisation of limbs. The equipment of the department of  entries is complete with the first aid kit and  necessary hygienic instruments.




The responsibility of the department of special purification is to provide a  complete special purification of patients. It is divided into three working - places : disrobing room, wash room and dressing room. The basic equipment of this department consists of the  bathing set MKS and field washing room. Part of the bathing set is also the shower extensions and a hand shower for washing seriously injured patients. Disinfection set V - 5 contains all the necessary instruments for disinfection and purification. Moreover, the department of special purification is equipped with stredchers, benches, and with other material necessary for activites of the department.  Hospital by automobile, by train, by air as wel as by sea.






List of material for 1 complete unit ot field hospital of surgery nature



Material                                                          Quantity                         Note - contents      


Set B - 1 60 P                                                    6 cartones          - dressing cotton woll package

Set B - 2 60 P                                                    3 cartones          - splints

Set B - 3 60 P                                                    11 cartones        - unsterilized dressing package

Set N - 10 60 P                                                3   cartones        - anaesthetical material

Set LA 60 P                                                       1                             - small autoclave

Set N - 7 80                                                      4                             - medical objects

Set N - 8 60 P REX                                         1                             - large operating theatre

Set N -13  60 P                                                 11                           - hospital requisitec ( for bedridden                      

                                                                                                           patients at medical transfers )           

Set Š - 1  60 P                                                   1                             - shock articles ( for injured  and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

   burned petients)

Set V - 1  80                                                      2                             - large dressing unit ( surgical                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                instruments and medical article)                         

Set N - 15  80                                                   2                             - smalloperating unit ( for small size  surgical                         


Set V - 8   80                                                     1                             - ambulance unit  ( for out-patient    examination

Set V - 5  80                                                      1                             - disinfection unit


Set V - 7  80                                                     1                             - oxygen set

Medical bag Z VZ 80                                                    6                             - first aid equipment

Set N - 5  70                                                     1                             - medicine chest ( consumption  material )

Set N - 6  70                                                     1                             - pharmaceutical unit ( preparate section  of

   sterilized drugs)

Set L - 1  60 P                                                   1                             - basic laboratory  (clinical laboratory diagnostic )

Set LCH - 1  70                                                2                             - washroom ( for the operation of

                                                                                                                 field pharmaceutical unit )    

AUTOCLAVE AUT 41 VZ 65                      1                             - sterilization unit

Sterilizing drum 390x195 mm                 26                                                        


Operating lamp,standing type SKL        2

Vescel for disifection solutien                 6                                                           

Vescel for blood  transfer                                          30

Base for stredcher – store                                         16

Bracket for 3 stredchers                                             6

Distillation apparatus DP 5                        2

Anaesthetizer NHM                                      1

Table for instruments – store                   9

Operating table - field type 59.pos.                       2                                                           

Dressing table - field type                                          7

Plastic bottle - capacity 25 litres                            12

Vessel for stool dispatch                                            20

Vessel for smear dispatch                                         20

Vessel for sputa dispatch                                           20

NTS bottle,complete

0,5 litre kapacity                                           600

Anaesthetizer NMP – V                                              3

White operating rubber shoes                 25 pairs

Sanitary stretcher – store                          150

SET SKCM 60 P                                               1  - commersial material for the execution of auxiliary tasks

Set NZ 60 F                                                       1  - fitter´s tools


Plastic operating aoron                                              60

Set NT 60 F                                                       1 - joiner´s tools

Oxygen bottle,capacity 2 liters                                              14

Oxygen cylinder,capacity 10 liters                     10

Oxygen cylinder,capacity 40 litres                     5

Madical equpment for

treatment of 10 persons - oxygen                        1

Set PSX  60 P                                                    1  - repumning station for oxygen ( from 40 litres capacity

                                                                          cylinders to 2 liters capacity vessels )                                    

Manual resuscitation apparatus

RK - 32 – V                                                       6

Resuscitation apparatus

SPIRETA – V                                                    4

Suction flask O - 69,pedal type                5

Universal holder                                                           3

Back support on stretcher                                         5

Two - part trestle                                                           17

Universal stand                                                              15

Plate for instruments                                   2

Vessel for disinfection

solution with holder                                     5

Holder for 1 wash basin                                              3

Holder for 2 wash basins                                            4

Rack head                                                         2

Bottle holder NTS                                          5

Bracket for tent division                                            4

Showe unit MKS                                                             1 - small showet set for hygienic washing up of 30

persons / hour

X - ray apparatus ARTEX 2                        1

Dark room for X - ray apparatus                             1



The set of medical material is without medicaments and chemicals. The operation of pressure vessels requires to carry out regular revisions and attendance by trained and instructed personnel.



Presure vessels for oil - fired trailer field kitchens ware not subjected to inspection by profesional technical supervision. The military administration does not undertake any responsibility for contingent technical defects on these pieces of equipment.




List of housing and construction supplies


material                                                             number per                             

                                                                              1 hospital                                    


field stove                                                         20

Oil lamp                                                             30

Field bed                                                           150

Field folding stool                                         10

Field folding table                                         10


Field washroom                                             2                             Straddle trench

Enamelled wash bowl                                  80

Water tub                                                          60



List of tentage ( Class II supplies )


 material                                                            number per

                                                                              1 hospital                          


Large medical tent

ZS - 2                                                                   3


Small medical tent

ZS - 1                                                                   17                         




List of field engineer supplies


material                                                             number per

                                                                              1 hospital                             


Electric generating set 3 kVA

single - phase                                                   1 set


Electtric generating set 1 kVA

single phase                                                     1 set


Electtric generating set 15 kVA

three - phase                                                    1 set


Electtric genrating

set, 7,5 kVA


Lighting set, 1 kVA                                        1 set                                                                    


Lighting set, 3 kVA                                       1 set                                                                    





List of subsistence supplies ( Class I supplies )



material                                                             number per                                      List of itams per one set

1 hospital                                           Supplement No.


Mobile kitchen, trailer mounted                            2 sets                                                                  


Cantaen , three pieces                                 150                                                                                                     


Water reservoir, Z - 800                            1 set